Bloomberg Exposes The Big Problem With Podcasts Right Now

Podcasting is generally not a medium that generates a lot of controversy. Yet last week, an article in Bloomberg by Lucas Shaw caused quite a stir and generated a lot of discussion and the podcast community.

According to the Bloomberg article…

Minnie Driver To Star In Supernatural Fiction Podcast

Audio fiction podcasts have seen a spike in popularity in the last year. Some podcast journalists have begun to call long-form one episode fiction podcasts “audio movies.”

The connecting trend to audio fiction podcasts is the growing participation by we’ll known film…

The Big Hit Show Debuts: Teenage Vampires In Pop Culture

Spotify and Higher Ground Have debuted The Big Hit Show, an all-new documentary-style podcast about some of the biggest moments in pop culture.

In the series premiere episode, journalist and host Alex Pappademas, does a DEEP DIVE into the world…

Dana Carvey & David Spade Begin New Podcast

Cadence13, an Audacy company, today has announced the launch of Fly on the Wall, a weekly show hosted by actors, comedians, writers, producers, and former Saturday Night Live cast members Dana Carvey and David Spade on which they’ll sit down with past…

Say Their Name Second Season: Why Was Miriam Carey Killed?

CUMULUS MEDIA and DCP Entertainment have announced the second season line-up for DCP’s award-winning podcast Say Their Name on the Cumulus Podcast Network.

The series focuses on the stories of Black individuals who were assaulted and killed by police and…

Reason # 17 Why I Love Podcasts

Today I’m going to write about reason # 17 why I love podcasts. I will get around to expounding on reasons 1 to 16 at a later date.

I focused on reason number 17. because of my car. The interior of my 2018…

One In Ten People In The UK To Start A Podcast In 2022

During the 1928 presidential campaign, Republicans supporting Herbert Hoover claimed a Hoover presidency would deliver Americans a “chicken in every pot.”

Fast forward nearly 100 years and we have a United Kingdom corollary to that campaign slogan…

New York Times Buys Sports Podcast Network

The New York Times Company has reached an agreement to buy The Athletic, the online sports news outlet with 1.2 million subscriptions, in an all-cash deal valued at $550 million, The Times said earlier this week.

The deal brings The Times, which has…

NPR Podcast Strategy: NPR+ Moves Foward

I’m not sure if podcasting has reshaped NPR, or NPR has remolded podcasting.

Many of the most successful podcasts today were originally radio shows that have morphed into podcasts. NPR member stations have not always benefited from this migration from podcasts from radio programming.

Frank Racioppi

I am a South Jersey-based writer who manages Podcast Reports on Blogger and has a book available on Amazon called Stop For My School Bus…Or Else.

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