The season finale of “To Live and Die in LA,” which investigates the disappearance of 20-year-old California woman Elaine Park who went missing in 2017, debuted a new song in its two-part finale.

Park’s case was the focus of season two of the podcast series, where host Neil Strauss set out to uncover what happened after Park left her ex-boyfriend’s Calabasas home and her Honda Civic was discovered five days later in Malibu with the doors unlocked, the keys in the ignition, and all of her personal belongings still in the car.

Throughout the season, which received tens of millions…

“Lone Lobos” Debuts on iHeartMedia’s New My Cultura Podcast Network, Dedicated to Elevating Latinx Voices and Stories, on September 21

iHeart Media

“Lone Lobos” Debuts on iHeartMedia’s New My Cultura Podcast Network, Dedicated to Elevating Latinx Voices and Stories, on September 21

Since podcasting is an audio medium, it’s important that the voices we hear include people from diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, countries of origin, and religious beliefs. iHeartMedia has developed the My Cultura podcast network to do exactly that — give voice to Latinx perspectives.

On the heels of the season five renewal announcement of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated smash hit Cobra Kai, series stars Xolo Maridueña and Jacob Bertrand have joined iHeartMedia’s new My Cultura podcast network, dedicated to elevating Latinx voices and…

Beginning September 13th, the second season of Impostors: The Commander launched with a six-part season, releasing episodes every week.

Impostors: The Commander podcast

In Impostors: The Commander, journalist and host Abby Ellin tells the incredible story of a con man who entangled her, friends, family, coworkers, and other lovers in an identity fraud scheme that stretched all the way to the Pentagon.

The question host Ellin asks is: What if Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. So Wrong? …

Podcast mic

At the IAB Podcast Upfronts this week, NPR announced a forthcoming podcast with Jay Williams, sports personality, commentator and former basketball player. The first episode of the weekly interview show will drop in December.

NPR, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year has continued to bolster its podcast network.

Williams knows that the struggle really does make you stronger. After a career-ending, life-changing motorcycle accident knocked him off his game and took him out of the league, he had to get creative with his comeback. …

Did you ever hear the expression, “talk is cheap?” Well, when it comes to talk in the mental health field, talking to a professional is typically expensive. The question in the first episode of Science Vs’s 11th season is, “But is it effective.”

There are a lot of fads, blogs, and strong opinions, and then there’s the Science Vs podcast, from Gimlet, A Spotify Studio, to break down what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. …

CNN Audio

This week, CNN Audio premiered the first episodes of several podcasts from its fall lineup.

Here are the details below.

Season 2 of Chasing Life with Dr. Sanjay Gupta premiered.

Season 2, Episode 1: Chasing a Cure

Grief is something we all experience at different stages of life, even more so during this pandemic. But what happens when you must mourn the loss of your own child? CNN journalists Andrew Kaczynski and René Marsh received terrible diagnoses within months of each other: their infant children had brain tumors.

Yet in the midst of great tragedy, they found strength in chasing…

One sitting — chapters — a little each day — or multiple books

Man reading on a beach.
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

For South Jerseyan Ellen Crain, her book choice depends on her current situation.

“If I’m on vacation, I am definitely doing a beach read,” she insists.

For retired Navy Captain Dave Arnold, reading is done at bedtime when it’s quiet.

“I read a few pages until I feel tired, then pick it up the next night.”

For retired school counsellor Phyllis Beaufait-Bullock, reading is a marathon, not a sprint.

“I read a few pages every day and like to stop at the end of a chapter.”

“The Kindle has reshaped how I read, “notes Maryland-based entrepreneur Paula Kowalczuk. …

Who’s reading? How much? And if so, reading what?

Black man reading at a desk with other books stacked next to him.
Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Unsplash

Millennials have been blamed for the demise of popular activities in previous generations, such as homeownership, bars of soap, department store shopping, golf, and even sex.

But how about reading? Are reading books heading to the landfill of abandoned cultural habits much like eating cereal and riding motorcycles?

For Boomers and Gen Xers, Millennials are so obsessed with their phones and social media that they have neither the time nor inclination to read books in either print or digital form.

So with those generational storm clouds brewing, what are the recent trends in reading?

First, the good news. In 2018…

New Season:Old Con

In the first season of Impostors, listeners heard about a spy who wasn’t a spy.

For more than a decade, Wayne Simmons was a Fox News star. Every time Wayne appeared on TV, he served up extreme opinions on war and terrorism that influenced an audience of millions. His dramatic 27-year career with the CIA — taking down cartels, busting arms smugglers, conducting interrogations — gave his opinions credibility.

Simmons’ life as a spy led to friendships with high-ranking officials and lucrative military jobs. …

Mysteries Of The Missing

There are many podcast hosts who are adept at the intimate narrative storytelling that accompanies true-crime podcast tales. A new Spotify podcast, DISAPPEARANCES WITH SARAH TURNEY, goes one critical step further. The host of this podcast experienced the anguish of crime too up close and personal.

For Disappearances host Sarah Turney , crime is tragically too true. In 2020, after years spent searching for answers, Sarah Turney used social media to help bring justice to her sister Alissa’s nearly two decades-long disappearance. Now she’s teaming up with Parcast to explore the many reasons people disappear and the impact their absences…

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