Very thoughtful article. This is an issue that engenders furious debate. However, if you look at the recent history of comedy, the most popular comics in the last 75 years have created comedy out of their own shortcomings. Examples: Jack Benny Cheap. Joan Rivers: attractiveness. Rodney Dangerfield: No Respect. Phyllis Diller: everything. These comedians were hilarious without attacking others. Even Lenny Bruce’s attack was on language. Back then, Jack E Leonard and Don Rickles were labeled insult comics. Today, many popular comedians have decided to attack others in their routines. Ricky Gervais has adopted a “snarky douchebag” comic persona. I don’t think it’s funny regardless of his topics. I do find it illuminating Gervais and others dedicate so much of their routines on a population that less than one percent of the total. How about jokes on people who collect stamps? They make up two percent of the population. (Authors note: I’m actually a stamp collector, so again self directed comedy)


I am a South Jersey-based writer who manages Podcast Reports on Blogger and have a book available on Amazon about podcasts and podcasting called “Ear Worthy.”

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